The PTE has published its latest concordance report and adjusted some comparison scores to IELTS. This may have a significant impact on visa applicants’ eligibility for visas and skilled visa points in the future. The changes as listed on the PTE website are:

The PTE confirms there has been no change to the construct of the test or how it is scored. The concordance study compared IELTS Academic results with PTE Academic results and did not involve IELTS General tests. However, as IELTS Academic and General are 50% the same test and the same scoring criteria is used for both modules, it is reasonable to apply the concordance research results to IELTS General for setting entry requirements.

The PTE also confirms that the Australian, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom governments have been notified of the changes, and it is their decision as to whether they change the score requirements for visa applications. Thus far, the Department of Home Affairs has not made any announcement of changes in the PTE score requirements for visa purposes. Until new legislation is released, the current PTE score requirements will remain in place.

It is unclear how this will affect those with existing EOIs or pending visa applications, as we do not yet have information on the Department of Home Affairs’ approach to this. Subscribe to our newsletter to hear from us once we have more information about this change.


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