ACT occupation list identifies the skills that are currently in demand in Australian Capital Territory., and according to that, the territory offers nomination under two skilled migration streams: Skilled Nominated (Permanent) Subclass 190 and Skilled Regional(Provisional) Subclass 491.

Major analysis of the demand for occupations is generally undertaken twice a year, usually in January and July, the demand for each occupation will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Once it is determined that the demand for an occupation has been met, the occupation will be closed without any notice.

After the major analysis, occupations may be included and excluded in the updated occupation list according to the occupation demand within the territory,. Any occupation to be in “OPEN” or “CLOSED” category makes a huge difference for people who have been striving for Canberra Matrix invitation. For instance, any OPEN occupation contributes 20 points towards point count in Canberra Matrix system. In addition to that, only OPEN occupations are eligible for applying Skilled Nominated (Permanent) 190 subclass, whereas Closed occupations are eligible for only Skilled Regional (Provisional) 491 subclass.

In this article we have tried to provide an overview on the fluctuation in ACT occupation lists, with the help of four occupation lists, including the current ACT critical occupation list published by the government after Covid-19. There are few occupations they were not listed as the open occupations prior to the ACT critical occupation list since 2018.This article will provide a closer look to the trend of occupation list fluctuations in Canberra, which will definitely help our readers with making a better plan.

Occupations that are always in ACT occupation OPEN list

Occupations that are frequently in and out from the list

Occupations that are never in OPEN list before COVID-19

Note: It is expected that the legislation will publish a new occupation list before Christmas !!!

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