Australian migration policy has been exceptionally uncertain for a year and more already. Even before the pandemic, the government was trying to encourage migrants to scatter all over the country rather than  merely in major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. To reduce the continuously growing stress to the infrastructures in the big cities and strengthen the regional economy at the same time, the government has been  revising its migration policies over time.

By introducing comparatively flexible migration rules in regional areas the government is giving a clear message to all the concerned people. Due to the tough criteria in big cities compared to the policies for regional areas, huge number of migrants are relocating to regional areas. Canberra is considered as a regional place, and there is a significantly high influx of migrants in Canberra in last few years.

People are moving to Canberra specially from Sydney and Melbourne almost everyday with the hope that they become permanent resident through ACT state nomination before long. However, getting invitation through Canberra matrix is not as easy as people usually think. Although the eligibility criteria for Canberra Matrix appears to be simple, there is a whole different story when it comes to receiving an invitation.

What do you need to understand ???

You need to understand one thing clearly that being eligible to apply for Canberra matrix 491 or 190 does not guarantee your invitation.

Who is eligible for Canberra Matrix

Anyone who has got their occupation listed in ACT critical skills list will be eligible to apply for ACT 491 and 190 if they live and work here for 3 month and 6 months respectively. Nevertheless, being eligible to apply only lets you enter into the pool of all other eligible candidates who have been already waiting for the Matrix invitation. After being eligible, you have to compete with other candidates of similar categories on the basis of points you carry at the time of your application. The invitation is guided not only by the points, but also the date of your application. Therefore before making a hasty move to Canberra, you need conduct a thorough research on the trend of invitation numbers and points of your nominated occupation with the help of previous invitation rounds. Moreover, it is always recommended to consult with an experienced Registered Migration agent who is actively working in Canberra Matrix applications.


Let’s look into the following example to better understand the scenario :

Accountants were invited at 110 points in the last invitation round (i.e.April 16, 2021), and only 5 accountants receive invitation per month to apply for 190. Now, you need to ask yourself a question how you would make 110 points and think about your possibility to be included in those 5 quotas per month.

For example, here is how you may make 110 points:

Your occupation is in ACT critical list : 20 Points

You are working in your nominated occupation : 20 Points

Masters degree: 15 Points

Superior English: 15 Points

Employed for more than 12 months: 10 Points

Living in ACT for 1 to 2 years : 5 Points

1 Year of study in Canberra :5 Points

Australian Citizen siblings living in ACT : 10 Points

Your partner is working/Bachelor’s degree with English each band 7 : 10 points

Now, if we add all these points, it makes 110 points. There are few other options to increase points if you have Doctoral degree, more years of study in ACT, your financial investment in ACT, more years of residency and your partner’s employment if they are working in a skilled occupation. The above is a typical example of how people would make 110 points in general case,  which may not be applicable to everybody. Therefore, it is advised to check your own possible points against these points making factors before you hurriedly decide to relocate to Canberra, which might only bring frustration in the future.

What to do next ? 

NewStars Migration Canberra strongly advises people to calculate the possible points with the help of points table, and if you cannot do it yourself, please consult a migration agent before moving to Canberra for state nomination.

Here is a link to calculate your point easily:

Canberra Matrix invitation rounds and points invited:

ACT critical skills list May 2021 :

ACT nomination guidelines May 2021:

We can provide with you a clear and detailed consultation about the Canberra Matrix points via phone, our social media platforms or you can always book an appointment to see us physically at Suite 3, Level 4 -11 London Cct Canberra.

This article is written solely to inform our readers about the facts of Canberra Matrix invitation system, please do not take it otherwise. We appreciate all of your relevant comments on this matter.

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