The Australia Travel Declaration (ATD) form has been updated to include additional questions.

In the near future, people entering Australian airports will need to make a medical declaration related to COVID-19 vaccination.

According to Prime Minister, based on the vaccination status of passengers, airport staff will easily review and classify which passengers can be isolated at home or at the airport.

Currently, passengers flying to Australia from overseas will have to be quarantined at the Howard Springs Hotel in the Northern Territory or in quarantine hotels in other states.

In South Australia, the state is currently testing a 2-week home isolation program for passengers who have had enough vaccines. If the program is successful, other states in Australia can follow the program.

There are some questions related to COVID-19 vaccinated situation of passengers such as

  1. Have you received COVID-19 vaccine? And where did you receive that?
  2. How many doses have you received?
  3. Have you ever diagnosed with COVID-19?

Examples of Australia Declaration Form are shown below. Please make sure that you are aware of all question listed.

Australian Declaration Form

Australian Declaration Form -2


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