On Oct 3, Department of Home Affairs(DHA) announced the income requirement for new regional skilled visa 491 to be eligible for the 191 PR pathway,the requirement would be at least 3 years’ annual requirement of $ 53,900. We have received a large number of concerns for potential applicants who are willing to apply for this visa, then move and settle in the regional area. They have the grave concern of becoming second class migrants without being able to meet the requirement to apply for PR after years of living and working in the regional areas. We hereby invite you to participate in this survey to reflect the realistic income level of the applicants and would try to pass on the result of the survey to the relevant authority for possible reconsideration of the income requirement setting.

We catalyzed the reversal of Turnbull government’s regulation on income requirements for parent visas last year. We believe with your help, we could make history again, please share this with your friends who believe the requirement is unrealistic as well.

There is a survey for this issue: https://www.newstarsec.com/491_survey/

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