NSW 190 Officially updated the Priority Skilled Occupation List on 10 February 2020, there was no change about the “additional Criteria”, but the following occupation’s “Availability” has changed.

ANZSCO Occupation Availability (Before) Availability (Now)
132111 Corporate Services Manager Low Limited
132311 Human Resource Manager Low Limited
133111 Construction Project Manager Low Limited
134299 Health and Welfare Services Managers nec Low Limited
135112 ICT Project Manager Medium Low
141311 Hotel or Motel Manager Low Limited
221111 Accountant (General) Medium Low
224113 Statistician Low Limited
225113 Marketing Specialist Medium Low
225311 Public Relations Professional Low Limited
232411 Graphic Designer Medium Low
233214 Structural Engineer Low Limited
233913 Biomedical Engineer Low Limited
234611 Medical Laboratory Scientist Low Limited
241411 Secondary School Teacher Low Limited
261112 Systems Analyst High Medium
261311 Analyst Programmer Medium Low
262112 ICT Security Specialist Low Limited
263212 ICT Support Engineer Medium Low
263213 ICT Systems Test Engineer Low Limited
272613 Welfare Worker High Medium
311213 Medical Laboratory Technician Low Limited
312111 Architectural Draftsperson Low Limited
321211 Motor Mechanic (General) High Medium
322311 Metal Fabricator Low Limited
323211 Fitter (General) Low Limited
341111 Electrician (General) High Medium
351411 Cook (excludes positions in Fast Food or Takeaway Food Service) High Medium
511112 Program or Project Administrator High Medium

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