We have got some most-updated information about 189 and state nomination program

The rest of the quota for 189 streams in FY19-20 is very limited right now as DoHA granted 11,756 189 visas and still held 10,837 visa applications on 30/04/2020. But the planning levels of 189 is just 16,652 in FY19-20.

VIC refused all 190 nomination applications, which were submitted and waiting to be processed. The reason is the nomination places for the 2019-20 program year have been filled. We have clients who submitted 491 applications are still waiting for processing.

According to the QLD government, it is likely that only limited state nomination places will be provided in July-Oct since they need to wait for the arrangement of Federal government in Oct (other states or territories should be in the same position).491 Program is still open to onshore applicants and offshore medical professionals. 491 SBO Program is still open.

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